The exception for the interview to renew the non-immigrant or tour visa has caused thousands of Dominicans to renew their visas in recent months, including those that had expired four years ago.

This, thanks to the provision of the United States authorities, put into effect last March, to extend until December 31, 2021, the renewal of tourist or tour visas of ten years, up to 48 months expired.

However, not everyone has the good news that your visa has been renewed. The reasons are revealed by the expert in immigration matters Roque Leonel Rodríguez, who constantly remains oriented to Dominican tourists to make proper use of that privilege.

“One of the things that I have noticed in the last consultations of those who are requesting a visa renewal is that they are being denied because in the period of 10 years, some had situations of illness that forced them to stay in treatment for a long time. in the United States, ”he says.

He explains that there is a misunderstanding, because many understand that because they covered some of the medical expenses, but had treatment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, “because obviously those expenses became covered by Medicare and that affects them”, since in Joe Biden’s government that continues to be a public charge for the purposes of place.

Then, Those people who have benefited from health services in the United States are running out of visas when they go to renew.

“It may be that their surgery or treatment was three or four years ago, not even in the time of covid, but within 10 years of their visa and that has affected them,” he details.

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Another adverse factor, he adds, is that there are people who unfortunately have not been able to justify their stay of three, four and five months and are also being denied a visa. And as everyone knows, to a person who is denied a visa, this decision is neither reviewable nor appealable by the consul.

Do not last more than three weeks as tourists

“I have a lot of time telling people that the time they should use to travel to the United States should not exceed three weeks, that is, 21 days, which is the average that a tourist travels,” he reiterated.

Interview exception for visa renewal

Below we reproduce the following text from the United States Embassy, ​​with the explanations of the place for the renewal of visas without an interview, which is on its website.

Most applicants who need to renew their visa do not require an interview at the embassy by a consular officer. If eligible, the applicant will need to complete an online nonimmigrant visa application and schedule an appointment at the Visa Service Center (VAC) to take your biometric data and leave your passport. Subsequently, the consular officer of the embassy adjudicates your request. Each passport containing a new visa will be sent to the place of delivery chosen by the applicant. To find out if you qualify for this program and for more details, please see: ”.

The embassy also updates its guidelines on its social networks.


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