The excellent Acer Chromebook 317 goes under 500 euros at Boulanger 🔥

Finding the laptop at a low price and performing is not easy. Acer has succeeded in meeting the challenge with its Chromebook 317. For only a few days, Boulanger is offering an attractive offer on the latter: its price plummets and it is yours for 499 euros instead of 599 euros with, as a bonus, a pair of wireless headphones. Even better, you can get a trade-in bonus on your old device to save even more. We tell you everything about this nugget and the current offer not to be missed!

I take advantage of the offer at Boulanger

Chromebook 317, power and endurance on the program

Between attractive prices and strong technical sheets, Chromebooks are often very popular with users. Is right ! Whether you want to equip yourself for work or play, Acer has the computer for you: the excellent Chromebook 317.

Eight seconds is all it takes for the Acer Chromebook 317 to boot. It’s impressive, and above all very practical on a daily basis. Equipped with the Intel Pentium Silver N6000 processor, 4 cores and 8 GB of RAM, this Chromebook is a racing car that we love for its responsiveness and fluidity. He is not afraid of multitasking and does everything you ask of him without delay. With a storage capacity of 128 GB, you are served. Note, however, that you can very well insert an external SD card. Cherry on the cake ? You benefit from 100 GB of storage offered in the Cloud.

You will be amazed with his 17 inch touch screen and, above all, its Full HD IPS LCD panel. Series, films, videos on YouTube… You will, indeed, love devouring multimedia content on your Chromebook 317. Sprinkle this visual experience with two large speakers accentuated upwards and you live, in addition, an auditory experience exceptional. Everything is there for you to make the most of your favorite content. Furthermore, Acer’s Chromebook 317 is the only computer on the market with such a large screen and an integrated numeric keypad.

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The Acer BluelightShield protects your eyes from blue light, which is really nice especially for working. Rather light (only 2.2 kg) and autonomous for 10 hours, you’re ready to take on the day with the Chromebook that goes where you go with ease. You don’t even have to lug your charger around! Its touch screen, resistant to liquids, is a privilege to optimize your productivity. Regarding connectors, the Chromebook 317 has multiple ports including two USB-C ports and two USB 3.2 ports. Thus, teleworkers, digital nomads and fans of fixed use will be delighted with this versatile laptop.

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Chrome OS: secure, simple and fast

On the laptop market, Chromebooks stand out for their operating system made in Google: Chrome OS. The latter is characterized by its simplicity, security and speed and makes users extremely happy with their purchase.

The whole Google ecosystem at your fingertips? It is a real happiness. Services in the cloud, to back up your files online in a secure and quickly accessible way, to the thousands of applications available on the Google Play Store, it’s very pleasant on a daily basis. The security of your data is reinforced thanks to the computer’s encryption TPM chip. And with built-in antivirus protection, you really have peace of mind. Finally, if several of you use the Acer Chromebook 317, this is not a problem since the computer offers a multi-user connection. Each member of the family enjoys their own private space.

In short, the Acer Chromebook 317 is faster, more autonomous, more enduring and more productive at a low price. For a few days, its price is even more attractive thanks to Boulanger’s gold offer.

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Acer’s Chromebook 317 is yours for under $500

The excellent computer at a low price is yours. At Boulanger, the Acer Chromebook 317 gets a immediate discount of 100 euros and you have, as a bonus, wireless headphones offered. You will be able to enjoy your favorite music in the best conditions and for a long time, thanks to their autonomy of 4 hours of active listening and a total autonomy of 40 hours.

The pack including the excellent Chromebook 317 from Acer and the wireless headphones is yours for 499 euros instead of 599 euros. A computer with such a technical sheet at a contained price is a golden offer that it would be a shame to miss. If you want to bring the price down a bit more, you can benefit from a trade-in bonus of up to 100 euros on your old laptop until June 21, 2022. You definitely have every reason to fall for the Acer Chromebook 317.

I take advantage of the offer at Boulanger

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