The essential joy of reading

The essential joy of reading

It is fair and necessary, in the midst of the upheavals and uncertainty that are becoming a constant, to think about one’s own well-being, look for spaces of solace and do things that comfort us, such as devoting time to essential enjoyment of reading, as Fernando Savater calls it. I surrender to that joy almost every day, because as the author says, The desire to read is not a simple “hobby” among others: it is a passion, even more, a way of life.

Those of us who identify ourselves as readers cannot conceive of life without books. They are generous and constant, they do not abandon us, on the contrary, they find us. They give us stories and different possibilities to read them, which are beyond the will of their creators.

Those who read will understand my dalliances, to those who have avoided reading, I encourage them to give themselves the opportunity, it does not compete with other hobbies or obligations, when we decide, we always find the time to undertake the task of exploring other lives and worlds, the place does not matter. (EITHER)

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