The entrepreneur who does business with everything except her collection of 4,000 dolls

The entrepreneur who does business with everything except her collection of 4,000 dolls

Before Barbie, there were Nacys, Barriguitas, Mariquitas Pérez, Juanines… It can be said that each generation has had a doll-shaped icon generally representing a baby or a girl/woman. They were made of cloth, wood, porcelain, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. He has a copy of almost all of them. Charo Anguiano, owner of a collection of more than 4,000 dolls of various origins, 2,000 of which are Barbies, so fashionable at the moment with the movie.

He gave it up there after retiring. So she allocated a monthly amount to buy dolls from all over the world that she restored herself. Others are gifts that she has been giving her over the years, such as one from 1840 -the oldest in the collection- that a lady from Madrid gave her.

He has had offers, but Anguiano says that he would not part with any of the pieces for all the gold in the world. The value she assigns to her collection is historical and sentimental. “Even in a moment of trouble, I would consider it,” she qualifies, a rather remote possibility considering that at 75, as she herself says, “I have more than comfortable assets and good retirement pay.”

It wasn’t always like that, “everything has been a matter of a lot of work and few hours of sleep.” The first job of this woman from Logroño was as a cookie packer in a local factory. Then she also bottled oil, set up flags and clung to “what nobody wanted”, which is nothing more than cleaning floors. Married at 19, her husband left at 22 to do her military service, leaving her with the couple’s first child already born. She later had the opportunity to start working as an operator in the Government Palace of La Rioja and she did not leave the ‘Palace’ until she retired in 2013, more than 40 years after her.

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A caste entrepreneur

But to Charo Anguiano this seemed little. With a strong entrepreneurial component in her DNA, she decided to take advantage of the afternoons and days off to train as a hairdresser and beautician and set up her own business. She then established herself as a freelancer in 1982, running a hairdressing salon in the heart of Logroño, Charontoday directed by his son José Antonio, “an outstanding one”.

As a hairdresser and stylist, Charo Anguiano made a name for herself, which allowed her to later open a professional training center in these specialties. The same hairdressing salon, measuring 300 square meters, also served as an academy.

That’s how it worked, until the FP suppressed these specialties from the official titles. To compensate for the loss of income from this route, Anguiano made the leap into the real estate market, where it is still active today through the purchase, sale and rental of houses, premises or garages, which even operates a home for tourist use, “all legal, huh, ”he warns.

Her adventure as an airline founder

But not all businesses have turned out well. In that desire to expand her activity as an entrepreneur, Charo Anguiano received a proposal to be part of the creation of a local airline. Very La Rioja she saw in the project an opportunity to add value to the autonomous community through the creation of Rioja Airlines,an airline company with entirely La Rioja capital that, operating from Logroño Airport, offered flights to Seville, Malaga and Alicante.

The experiment lasted three months, the time it took for the company to suspend all flights and cease activity with accusations against the director of the company, patrimonial emptying, misappropriation, unfair administration and falsification of commercial documents.

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Charo Anguiano was unintentionally involved in all this mess as a capitalist partner. “I, who don’t know how to make an o with a glass and who asked the notary about the possible implications of putting my signature on the company’s constitution, in addition to being cheated, I found myself involved in all this mess”, recalls Anguiano. To get out of the matter, she was helped by her other son, a professional criminalist and also “out of the ordinary.”

The entrepreneur who does business with everything except her collection of 4,000 dolls

What to do now with the dolls

Although she continues with her real estate business, now she is more aware of her collection of dolls for which she is looking for an official body willing to give up a space to house the collection as a museum of the history of the doll. It’s the only thing she asks for in return because it would be a donation. She would like them to stay if it cannot be in Logroño, at least in the Autonomous Community.

Meanwhile, she herself keeps them in a store, selflessly showing the collection to those who request it.

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