Social networking sites in the Gulf buzzed with the movie “Al Kamin”, after the huge Emirati movie opened and premiered.

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The film tells “the facts of a true story of saving a group of Emirati soldiers who were trapped in an ambush in a mountainous valley under the siege of rebel elements.”

For his part, the Saudi Prince, Sattam bin Khaled Al Saud, commented on the film, and said on Twitter: β€œThe ambush movie is a mighty Emirati work that narrates the details of the work of Emirati soldiers in Yemen. May God have mercy on the martyrs of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Yemen and Sudan and all the martyrs of the Arab coalition whose blood was mixed with blood.” for Yemen and its people.

The media, Nashwa Al-Ruwaini, posted a video clip on her Twitter account, showing the audience affected by the film, and their tears, and said: “The heroes of the Emirates and precious tears after watching the ambush movie.. Our feelings were all shaken and our tears preceded us.. tears of pride, pride and dignity.”

Source: RT + “Emirates Today”

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