The elephant bull Kaavan recognizes rescuers when he visits

It was the most difficult rescue operation by the animal protection organization “Four Paws”. After two years, his rescuers paid a visit to the elephant bull Kaavan.


the essentials in brief

  • Two years ago the bull elephant Kaavan was rescued from a zoo in Pakistan.
  • Now his rescuers have visited him at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Siem Reap.
  • The elephant immediately recognized his rescuers and greeted them like old friends.

Two years after his rescue, the bull elephant Kaavan gets a visit from his rescue team from “Four Paws”. At the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary in Siem Reap, veterinarian dr. Amir Khalil with us. What makes the visit very special: the elephant recognizes its rescuer immediately.

Khalil has often wondered how Kaavan will react when they meet again, the animal welfare organization said in a media release. He wonders if the bull elephant will recognize him. And that’s exactly what happened: “Then he suddenly raised his trunk, just as if he wanted to greet an old friend.”

The bull elephant Kaavan was rescued from a dilapidated zoo in Pakistan by “Four Paws” in 2020. To transport the elephant, the team had to train with Kaavan for several weeks. For the animal protection organization, the rescue operation was the first elephant flight transfer.

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