The electric motor that triumphs in the USA is this one that Ford sells

Ford offers the possibility of buying this electric motor that the brand has assembled as a test in a 1978 F-100 pick-up called Eluminator and that has generated many looks at the recently held Sema Show 2021 that has just been held in Los Angeles, United States, November 5-7.

On this occasion, the brand has mounted two engines, one on each axle, thus creating an all-wheel drive system. The overall power is 480 hp with a torque of 859 Nm. These engines are those used for example by the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition 2021.

Electric motor for sale

This curious project is called Eluminator and is a novelty because it is the first time that Ford offers an electric e-crate engine (available for sale individually) made by the Performance Parts division.


The MLe Racecars specialist has participated in the creation of this pick-up and includes a chassis customized by the Roadster Shop. The bodywork is painted an exclusive Bronze Gray applied by Brand X Customs, while the interior features new tablet instrumentation and avocado tanned leather upholstery.

electric motor ford


Other components that make up this preparation are three-piece 19-inch Forgeline aluminum wheels that allow 275/45 tires to be fitted.

As confirmed by Ford itself, this engine is the first of what will become a growing range of high-performance parts and accessories for electric vehicles. It can be purchased at official dealerships or online at Performance Parts for a price of $ 3,900, about 3,400 euros.

electric motor ford


This proposal is aimed at people looking for a transverse configuration powertrain to convert any type of vehicle into electric. From cars or SUVs to vans of any era.

Each unit has a power of 281 hp and a torque of 429 Nm. It is also approved for use in 50 states.

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