The eight most important milestones of the US off-road brand

To this day it is unclear why Jeep is called that. At first, Jeep was a nickname for the Willys MB from Willys-Overland. There are theories. The most likely: Eugene the Jeep was a cartoon character from “Popeye” and a mythical creature who could appear unexpectedly and walk through walls and help you out of all sorts of awkward situations. Presumably that is why soldiers named their vehicles Jeep.

Incidentally, Jeep had several families: Willys-Overland became Kaiser-Jeep, and in 1970 the American Motors Corporation (AMC) swallowed it up. Chrysler later bought AMC, married in 1988 to form the Daimler-Chrysler marriage, got divorced and went bankrupt in 2009. Fiat grabbed it and founded Fiat-Chrysler (FCA). Jeep has been part of the Stellantis, which was formed from FCA and PSA (Citroën-Peugeot), since 2021.

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