The dynamic of business start-ups in Switzerland accelerated further during the first ten months of the current year, the level reached at the end of October already exceeding by 10% that posted for the whole of 2020.

On the bankruptcy side, the number of companies having declared themselves in default of payment remains low, observed Wednesday the Swiss union of creditors Creditreform.

In the month under review, Creditreform recorded the creation of 4,150 companies, 10% more than a year earlier. At this rate, the forecast for the registration this year of more than 50,000 new companies in the commercial register presented two months ago will be exceeded, while December promises to be still strong, notes the St. Gallen institute. . The latter is now counting on the foundation of no less than 50,700 new firms in 2021.

By comparing the evolution underway this year with 2020 as well as with the average of the two years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic, 2018 and 2019, Creditreform finds that since the middle of 2021, current new registrations have been lower than l record year of 2020. The phenomenon illustrates the consolidation that comes after the strong growth recorded since mid-2020.

In the radius of business deletions from the commercial register, their number fell by 2.4% in October over one year to 2,138, the ten-month trend remaining stable (-0.3% to 23,326) .

The number of business bankruptcies due to over-indebtedness fell in October by 1.8% to 434. After ten months in 2021, this figure is slightly up by 1.9% to 4,087.

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Between now and December 31, this weak growth is expected to continue, with Creditreform anticipating some 5,000 insolvency filings for the whole of 2021, 2.1% more than in 2020, when the latter had fallen by 18% in one year.

Bankruptcies therefore remain at a low level and the wave of defaults feared by many specialists remains postponed for the time being.

But it should not be canceled, warns the specialist in economic information and debt collection. While the vigorous recovery of the economy pauses, zombie companies, that is to say those which survive only thanks to the support measures of the State granted under the health crisis, will see themselves at varying length. term facing the bankruptcy judge.

As for bankruptcy proceedings initiated due to organizational defects under article 731 of the Code of Obligations, they jumped from 18% in October to 216. In the space of ten months, they grew by 10.1% in 1783, a rate which should be maintained by the end of the year.

In September and October, the strong upward trend in private bankruptcies weakened somewhat, with growth between January and the end of October at nearly 12%, compared to 17% in previous months. For the year as a whole, the increase is expected to be 14.2% based on the experience of previous years. The trend reversal will depend in particular on the evolution of the situation on the pandemic front.



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