The Dutch journalist who was shot last week has died

Famous Dutch investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries, 64, died in hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, following injuries sustained in the attack he sustained on 6 July, when a man shot him in the city center. So far the police have arrested three people suspected of being involved in the attack: two of them, a 35-year-old Polish citizen and a 21-year-old man from Rotterdam (suspected of being the shooter), are still in police custody.

De Vries was well known in the Netherlands for dealing with several criminal cases, including the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken, the beer entrepreneur, in 1983, and for being a frequent guest on TV shows involving crime stories: in the past he had received some threats for his work and during some periods he had been guaranteed police escort.

During his career, De Vries had investigated more than 500 homicide cases and had been instrumental in resolving several unsolved cases.

He had started working on the The Telegraph, one of the most important newspapers in the country, had also written for other newspapers and magazines and had run its own television program for 17 years. He had become world famous thanks to his investigative work on the case of a US citizen, Natalee Ann Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba on May 30, 2005 during a post-graduation trip. Thanks to that work, de Vries had won an International Emmy Award, a prestigious television journalism award.

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