The dramatic testimony and complaint of Silvina Luna's friend who was there until the end

The dramatic testimony and complaint of Silvina Luna's friend who was there until the end

A very close friend of Silvina Luna, who was with the actress until her last breath, shared her dramatic testimony in communication with LAM (América), and also filed a strong complaint regarding the malpractice of which the model was a victim and that the led him to go through long years of an ordeal of health.

Milca Gili is the name of one of the closest friends of Silvina Lunaand in a one-on-one with Ángel de Brito he expressed through tears: “I accompanied her to many hospitalizations, not just this last one. I have no words to describe the way she left, the violent way she left. she was very terrible”.

In addition, the interviewee remarked that Lunabeyond its deterioration health He had projects ahead of him and that his brother Ezequiel was willing to donate a kidney to him. “She wanted to have children, she wanted to start a family, she wanted to do the transplant. He was already willing to give her the kidney, it seemed that everything was going to be fine, but she had a bacterium that wouldn’t go away and that was at the beginning of everything.”, explained Milca Gili.

With a broken voice, the friend of Silvina Luna continued: “It was not possible and I accompanied her until the end. I took care of her, with Ezequiel we looked like nurses. It was something to attend, of a body that was getting worse and worse. She had a lot of love and she thanked me and she thanked the doctors, everyone. she had no anger”.

In tune with the anger of all the people who loved the actress for the damage that was caused to her healthher friend denounced in the middle of her tears: “My friend was robbed, they killed her. She didn’t want to leave and I didn’t want her to leave. I have no comfort. What they say that she is now at peace, in a better place, lie”.

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Silvina Luna in the last note she gave to LAM in May of this year. Photo: Capture TV.

Also, the friend of Luna He did not hesitate to point against Aníbal Lotocki, the doctor who injected methacrylate into the model, a situation that led to a progressive picture of kidney failure. “It’s not fair. This person who does not have a minimum of regret, does not care about anything. How can it be that nobody does anything? I trust justice, that Fernando Burlando is going to do something, but… Who will give me back my friend?”.

Finally, regarding the last days of life of Silvina Lunaher friend recounted: “We were with her all the time. The love that I saw from her brother gave me strength and I wanted to go and see her. I thought that with faith and love she was going to get out of it because she wanted to get out, she didn’t want to die, but she couldn’t.”.

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