Guests in Without Filter, the show broadcast this Tuesday, November 23 on W9, Amel Bent and Christophe Licata recalled their best memories of Dancing with the stars 3 but also the moments of friction.

“Him, he can tell you about my waves of emotions”, told the mother of two children to Éric Jean-Jean. As for the professional dancer, he claims to have “had the impression of knowing her forever” and “to be with someone from [s]a family “. “There was an incredible chemistry between us”, said the one who accompanies Dita Von Teese, on the new season.

“We were arguing, we were shouting…: ‘You piss me off!’ We slammed the doors “, ended up confessing Amel Bent. Christophe Licata, he confirmed and added that “five minutes later, [ils] laughed and listened to music “.

The duo had managed to go to the final of the famous dance competition of TF1. A challenge that the singer had greatly appreciated, especially alongside the one who has since become one of her loyal friends in the ruthless world of showbiz.

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