César Millán, the dog trainer, it was denounced by a promising gymnast who assured that her pit bull dog bit her severely.

The woman alleged that the animal has a history of extreme violence, since not only attacked her but killed the dog de Queen Latifah, the singer, a fact that Millán tried to cover up, according to the lawsuit.

Lidia Matiss, the woman who denouncesl “Dog Whisperer”Stated that in 2017 he went to visit his mother, who works for César, in an office building in Van Nuys, California, which is owned by Millán.

The young woman assured that she met the pitbull dog, named Junior, wandering through the corridors of the place without any supervision and without a leash.

Lidia said that the dog attacked her, repeatedly biting her leg, in the area of ​​her left calf. The doctors who treated her confirmed that her injuries were serious.

The lawsuit claims that Lidia is a “Star gymnast” that he was performing until before the accident at a level 10, that is, the highest level in the youth Olympic gymnastics programs in the United States. In addition, the young woman said that the University of Pennsylvania recruited her on several occasions, but since the dog chewed her legs, things changed drastically. Matiss was unable to compete due to the extreme pain he was experiencing after the bite.

He alleged that Cesar I knew Junior had a history of violence and that, despite this, he allowed the dog to roam freely without supervision. According to Lidia, the dog has bitten many people and even killed several other dogs.


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