The doctor named a prerequisite for the production of vitamin D: Society: Russia:

Vitamin D is produced in the body only during movement. Marina Mamaeva, a pediatrician of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences, told Zvezda TV channel about this.

She noted that people do not know about this, considering sunbathing sufficient. “When people lie in the sun, simply immobilized on the beach, this is an absolutely useless procedure,” the expert said.

Mamaeva clarified that the required dose of vitamin D can be obtained in 30-40 minutes of walking under the sun. However, she warned, they will not be able to stock up for future use, since these substances are not able to accumulate and are quickly consumed by the body.

Earlier, the head physician of the capital’s hospital №71 and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called one of the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency – “unexplained” musculoskeletal pain. “According to medical law, any person who hurts everything, and at the same time he does not have a bright hernia, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, this person must be tested for vitamin D levels,” he said.

On July 14, scientists from the American Johns Hopkins University called vitamins and mineral supplements useless. After years of studying thousands of patients, the researchers concluded that multivitamins “do not reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, do not reduce the risk of degradation of thinking and memory, do not reduce the number of repeated heart attacks and heart surgery.” Scientists noted that healthy food contains enough of all trace elements necessary for vital activity.

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