Therapist Aleksey Khukhrev spoke about ways to speed up his recovery from acute respiratory viral infections, and also explained what absolutely should not be done so as not to cause additional complications.

According to the specialist, it is quite difficult to prevent a cold if there is no vaccine against the viral infection that has caused it. In the event that antiviral drugs are difficult to cope with ARVI, a person can speed up his recovery by taking vitamins that strengthen the immune system. In particular, it is necessary to monitor the level of vitamin D, which affects the effectiveness of the immune system. In addition, an ARVI patient should take healthy food, get enough sleep and stop drinking alcohol.

By violating these rules, a person slows down the healing process by himself, the doctor said in an interview with Sputnik radio. The correction can also be slowed down by returning too early to active life. The fact is that with viral diseases, the level of leukocytes in the blood decreases. Therefore, if a person has not yet recovered, then a bacterial infection threatens him. The doctor recommended to be at rest for a while so that the body recovers from temporary immunodeficiency.

Earlier, pulmonologist Inna Mishina told how to quickly distinguish influenza and SARS from coronavirus. According to her, the occurrence of ARVI symptoms does not mean infection with COVID-19.


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