Azza Abu Saree, the guardian of the drug in which the late doctor, Dr. Muhammad Mashali, the doctor of the Ghilbah, lived, said that the last meeting between her and the doctor was on Monday morning, where he gave her a salute and gave her grapes, and he returned to his home again.

She added in a special statement to “the seventh day” that he was the father of the doctor and the doctor, and he was ascetic in the world and what is in it, and he loved the poor and lived all his life to serve the poor.

She added: The late doctor used to daily go down early and distribute food to the poor in the street, and give me breakfast, then go home, to take his bag and go to his clinic, but yesterday was different, where he gave me breakfast and distributed food to the poor and did not go to the clinic, but went up to the apartment in an event Strange, I was surprised when doctors came to the house to ask him, and I learned that he had high blood pressure and died at dawn today.

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She engaged in tears, saying: “His life was not poor and poor, and he loved all people, and this is not a person. This is an angel descending from the sky to the earth.”

Walid Mashaly, son of the overwhelming physician, Dr. Muhammad Mashaly, had announced the death of his father, in Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, after a long years of tender trip to serve the poor.

During the last period, the physiotherapist had been exposed to many rumors about his death, but his family had just announced confirmation of the death news..

And it was the seventh day, he had a dialogue with Dr. Mohamed Mashally, “the doctor of the overpowering”, after he refused to accept a large donation of millions of pounds, and the preparation of a new clinic for him in the most famous style of Tanta streets and his acceptance of a medical headset worth 80 pounds.