The doctor accused of causing the death of Wael Al-Ibrashi breaks his silence

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The Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate in Egypt, Ayman Salem, revealed the response of Doctor Sherif Abbas, accused by the widow of the late journalist Wael El-Ibrashi, of causing the deterioration of his health, which led to his death.

Salem explained that the doctor treating Al-Ibrashi said that he was not solely responsible for the treatment of the late journalist, as his widow claimed, stressing that the doctor came to the union today to talk to him, and with a legal advisor to the union, and filed a complaint against Dr. Khaled Montaser, and everyone who slandered him, According to Cairo 24.

Ayman Salem continued, that the doctor stated that he was not supervising the health condition of the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi alone, according to what was reported, but there were doctors and consultants specialized in treating Corona patients, who followed up with him the health status of the late journalist.

The doctor confirmed that he followed a treatment protocol, under the supervision of specialists, and did not resort to unregistered and unapproved therapeutic drugs, as Khaled Montaser claimed.

And the lawyer, Samir Sabry, had submitted, in his capacity as an agent for Mrs. Sahar Sharaqi, the widow of the late Egyptian media, Wael El-Ibrashi, a report to the Attorney General against the aforementioned doctor, accusing him of killing the late journalist, who died of his infection with the Corona virus.

In the communication, Sabri said, “Al-Ibrashi’s death came as a result of a full-fledged crime committed by the doctor with premeditation, when he prescribed to Al-Ibrashi pills that he described as magical in healing from infection with the Corona virus, until his health deteriorated with lung infections.”

The report added, “The doctor insisted not to seek the help of a chest doctor and to continue his absurd and fake treatment, despite the fact that the analysis numbers reached terrifying levels of height, which indicates complete respiratory failure, until Al-Ibrashi discovered that he had fallen victim to a fraud and communicated with the professors of the chest and entered the hospital with a rate of lung failure. and fibrosis,” according to Al-Shorouk.

After reviewing the documents confirming the doctor’s commission of the murder, Sabri requested the Public Prosecutor to issue an order to prevent him from leaving the country, investigate the incident and refer him to the criminal trial for the premeditated murder, according to the report.

The journalist, Dr. Khaled Montaser, had alluded to the fact that Wael Al-Ibrashi had died due to negligence and wrong diagnosis, and that we are facing a crime that is complete with evidence and proof.

Montaser said in an article on his Facebook page under the title “Who killed Wael al-Ibrashi? What happened with Wael al-Ibrashi is not a medical error, as his wife Sahar al-Ibrashi said, but is a full-fledged medical crime that requires accountability and trial, according to Akhbar Al-Youm.”



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