The discovery of very strange craters on Mars that are unparalleled on Earth


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The nature of Mars excites astronomers, despite its dry surface and soil, where there are no lakes, oceans and all aspects of life completely.

Space missions are trying hard to find any appearance of current or past life on Mars, as many countries have sent scientific probes and scientific exploratory robots with this goal, such as Russia, America and China, to study the possibility of life chances on it.

Despite the arid dust scattered on the Red Planet, the recent images taken by the European Space Agency’s spacecraft were very exciting due to the presence of a number of craters unparalleled on the planet.

According to the scientific website, “sciencealert”, which published a report on the images, which it considered very strange and unparalleled, taken from a volcanic plain distorted by impact craters, according to the words of the scientists.

Scientists believe that these shapes appeared due to the existence of a volcanic plain after the collapse of materials under the Earth’s surface, as these images could help scientists understand the nature of dust and materials inside the planet.

One hypothesis is that these craters were caused by successive volcanic flows due to the presence of layers around their edges, at a time when the planet was teeming with volcanoes.

These images were taken by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission, which is carrying out research missions in the atmosphere of the surface of Mars.

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