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Another round, another episode of The legacy and more Guillotine flop, the final game of the audience champion quiz conducted by Flavio Insinna every evening on Rai 1. The episode is that of Wednesday 12 January, in which the final game, that of the mysterious word to guess, Francesco qualified, all after an exciting challenge at the Triello with Sara and Martina.

I hate you, porc ***.  Raptus of the champion Chiara, a massacre for Flavio Insinna: frost in the studio

Francesco made it to the final game with a potentially huge prize pool, equal to 130 thousand euros. Too bad, however, that cuts after cut has remained to play for 16,250, however a very respectable figure. So, here are the clue words: sweet, chromosome, double, generation and ant.

After the canonical minute of reflection, Francis, perhaps still a little under-shocked for the number of cuts he suffered in the introductory part of the final game, he gave his very personal answer: queen. And in short, the bewilderment was general: among the audience at home but also for Flavio Insinna. Yeah, what’s that got to do with clue words? Let’s face it, little and nothing.

The Legacy, the latest champion?  Unprecedented mockery: watch out for the word to guess, Insinna shocked

In fact, the solution proposed by the unfortunate Francesco it was obviously wrong: the mysterious word was zeta, which, as can be verified, is linked in a rather automatic way with all the clue words. And in short, nothing to do for Francesco, who, however, can try again this evening, in the episode of L’Eredità broadcast on Rai 1 starting at 6.45 pm. A fixed appointment.



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