The director of Dar Al-Shefa Hospital reveals the latest developments in the health of the artist, Sherif Desouky, after his leg was amputated

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sharqawi, director of Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, said that the artist, Sherif Desouky, arrived at 4 am after President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi directed him to be transferred to the hospital at the state’s expense.

In the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, Al-Sharqawi indicated that upon the arrival of the artist Sherif Desouky, he underwent a treatment plan for a period of five to seven days and a team was formed to debate him, and some tests were conducted on him, confirming that his health condition is stable.

He pointed out that he suffers from a slight psychological disorder due to the surgeries he had performed, noting that the President sent him a delegate to visit him, which positively affected his health condition.

He added that the artist, Sherif Desouky, arrived at the hospital and was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, and the liver analysis also showed an increase before it stabilized with the passage of time.

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