The digital card from Al-Rajhi, the advantages and how to obtain it

Al Rajhi digital cardAl-Rajhi digital card has become very popular in the recent period, because it surprised its owners and owners by obtaining many gifts, in addition to the fact that the card is one of the safe cards that the customer can obtain because it is provided by one of the most famous and best banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Rajhi Bank. Many people in Saudi Arabia would like to know information about the digital card from Al Rajhi.

Al Rajhi digital card

It is a card provided by Al Rajhi Bank in order to make online purchases and shopping, and this is for all those in Saudi Arabia, both citizens and residents, and what makes it special is the possibility of obtaining cash back or what is known as cashback for a value of up to 100% for the first purchase made from through the card.

Advantages of the digital card from Al Rajhi

As for the rest of the features and benefits of the Al-Rajhi digital card, we introduce you to them:

  1. Al Rajhi digital card can be obtained electronically from the bank’s website.
  2. When using the card for online purchases, the customer can get cashback of up to 100%.
  3. The value of the Al Rajhi digital card prizes is up to 5,000 Saudi riyals.
  4. It is easy to use the card safely for all electronic shopping operations, so that the customer can link it to Google Play in order to make global purchases, not just local ones.
  5. Possibility to own the card immediately upon applying for it.

How to get Al Rajhi digital card

After knowing all the previous features of the Al-Rajhi digital card, surely many now want to subscribe to the Al-Rajhi digital card, and these are the steps to apply for it:

  • Access to the Al Rajhi Bank digital website and log in to the site.
  • Find the Cards section to click on it.
  • Select the digital card for the application to appear.
  • Fill out the application form with the information requested from you, and then submit the application to the site.
  • Wait for a while to confirm that the card has been successfully activated.

Al Rajhi digital card fees

As for the fees set by Al Rajhi Bank for the digital card, they are:

  • Settlement of disputes fees fifty riyals.
  • The annual fee is 115 riyals.

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