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A blog for thoughts, emotional stickers, balloons that expand lungs or a thermometer to control emotions contains the “Carebox” that around 250 minors with cancer admitted to hospitals in Castilla y León will receive, in the difficult task that it entails ” put in a box” elements of well-being and distraction before that “brutal blow” of the diagnosis and first admission.

It is a care box that not only provides material support but also provides comfortable care spaces, emotional well-being to support the minor and his family during the first admission, as explained this Monday at the press conference in which it was given to learn about this project created by the Association of Parents, Relatives and Friends of Oncological Children of Castilla y León, PyFANO de Castilla y León, with the support of the Ministry of Health and the Inocente Foundation, innocent .

The box goes beyond basic needs, and designed by psychologists and social workers, it uses games, cognitive stimulation and emotional management through the recognition and expression of emotions, fundamental and therapeutic elements during the pediatric oncohematological process.

These are “tragic” moments for fathers and mothers, for minors, with many visits to the hospital ahead, which require more support than ever, explained the Minister of Health, Alejandro Vázquez, who has framed this care box within the plan person of the health humanization strategy of Castilla y León.

Every year more than fifty cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed in that Community, up to the age of 14, although this project is extended until the age of 18, which means something “unexpected and traumatic” for families that “radically alters the way of life of the patient and their environment” and affects the family, social and economic work, has referred from PyFABO its president, Miguel Ángel Vicente.

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The box is proposed as a way to “minimize the psychosocial impact” of this first admission, responding to the first needs and promoting a bond with health personnel and adherence to treatment, added Vicente.

Putting all those tools close to the children was “something different and fun, within that brutal mazo” of the first admission, as explained by the project manager for Inocente, Innocent, Inmaculada Fernández,

That was what he thought when he was approached with the idea of ​​PyFABO, a non-profit entity from Castilla y León that is also involved in the day-to-day activities of families, reaching out to them, even with a flat for the necessary trips.

Putting all this in a box “is very difficult, but it has turned out very pretty,” Fernández concluded.

82 percent of children are cured, but the goal is to reach one hundred percent; and while that arrives, the ‘Carebox: taking care of you will be our great adventure’ addresses children and their families during the process, caring inside and out.

For admitted minors, it includes the blog to write ‘Thoughts’, a kit of paints and plasticine for imagination, stickers for moods, a card game, a tangram, an anti-stress ball, colored balloons for lung capacity, protector lipstick and a cushion blanket before treatments or a thermometer card to control pain and emotions.

And caregivers will receive a ‘Carebox’ card, disposable slippers, hygiene kit, disposable handkerchiefs, hand warmers, the education and health promotion guide ‘Basic care in childhood cancer’ and the card ‘You are not [email protected]’, of facilitating resources.

In Castilla y León, the annual average of childhood tumors diagnosed, confirmed and reported to the Population Registry of Childhood Tumors of Castilla y León exceeds fifty, exactly 53, accumulating 578 cases: Ávila, 32; Burgos, 85; Leon, 98; Palencia, 41; Salamanca, 85; Segovia, 28; Syria, 24; Valladolid, 158; and Zamora, 27.

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The forecast is that during its first year, ‘Carebox: taking care of you will be our great adventure’ will reach 250 oncohaematological minors admitted in Castilla y León in the hospitals with the greatest activity in this field: those in Burgos, Salamanca, León and the two in Valladolid .EFE



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