He worked for 30 years at the top of North Korean spy agencies, but when he warned that he was in danger, he had no qualms about betraying and crossing the other side of the fence. We are talking about Kim Kuk-song, which in a long and rare interview with Bbc called himself “the eyes, ears and brain of the supreme leader” of North Korea, the Communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

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Yet he reached a point where he felt threatened by Kim himself and thought it best to save himself by passing through South Korea: more precisely, in 2014 he took refuge in Seoul, where he currently works for the secret services with the ‘goal of “Free my brothers in the North from the clutches of the dictatorship”. Yet he helped Kim, and even before his father, to consolidate the regime: he did it in very unlawful ways, according to what he revealed in the interview granted to the Bbc.

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Between murders, attacks, cybercrime and illegal arms sales, the North Koreans did not miss anything: indeed, it seems that they even had a laboratory for making drugs, which was used to raise the funds necessary for the survival of the dictatorship. “Drug production – said Kim Kuk-song – peaked during the Ardua Marcia. I was entrusted with the operation to build a laboratory. We made methamphetamine in crystals ”.


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