The devil wears a mask (

Devils also have to wear masks in corona times. Didi Senft, long-serving tour devil from the Brandenburg town of Storkow, is also on this tour of France. With less equipment than in earlier times, but he’s there, swinging his trident wildly and cheering on everyone who drives past him. Physically, jumping and screaming is a real fitness program for the shrill pensioner. “Of course I’ll stay in France for the entire tour,” he says to “nd”.

This year he did without his large sculptures, the huge, self-made bikes. “They are all already near Martigny in Switzerland, where the World Cup was supposed to take place,” he says. In Switzerland he has the prospect of a museum for his companions. “Nobody in Germany is interested in it,” he says with a wink. But now he has also lost the World Cup, the organizers had to cancel. Will he now move his companion to Imola, the replacement location for the World Cycling Championships? “No, you stay in Switzerland.”

He said he survived the lockdown quite well. “I just had a lot to do, always building something, then the museum project.” The pandemic also had a negative impact on him. »The Aso tour organizers usually get me involved in races for everyone. But they all failed in 2020, ”he reports. During the races, the tour devil known from television is supposed to create a real tour atmosphere. He likes to do that, which is why he came to Latin America, and Aso now operates worldwide. “I was supposed to be in Moscow at the beginning of September, for the everyone’s race there. But what do you want with these infection numbers? The only thing that might still take place is a race in Madrid in November, ”he says. But even there he remains skeptical. Devils can read too – and the corona numbers in Spain are anything but hopeful.

The race cancellations also hit Senft economically. The fee he receives from the Aso is elementary for him – with a monthly pension of 603 euros, as he says. “I started my pension at a little over 400 euros and have already taken part in umpteen pension increases,” he says. The angry undertone in his words does not come from the devil figure, but from the person Didi Senft. The tour then also helps to forget this misery. He now also has a small pandemic advantage: “It’s pretty much empty at the roadside this year, I have no problems finding a place, not even ten kilometers from my destination.”