The devastating data of UEFA against the boring Thebes League

The devastating data of UEFA against the boring Thebes League

The Theban League has lost a lot of interest in recent years.
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The UEFA has made public the objective data on the game of the five major European leagues and its comparison with their competitions, the Champions, Europa y Conference League. In this contrast of statistics, The Liga of Javier thebes it receives a hard blow again and remains the one with the least effective time played of all the European reference competitions.

The data shared by the UEFA about the different competitions, the most followed and of the highest level in Europe, as well as the continental tournaments that they lead, make very clear the low competitive level that the Spanish league has reached during the management of Thebes that this year celebrates a decade.

In objective terms, The Liga It is the competition of the five analyzed (Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga) that viewers enjoy the least playing time with a poor 53.42 real playing time. The rest of the competitions have better numbers, even the Portuguese one (53.50), the one that offers the most real game time is the Bundesliga (55,20). The numbers are also embarrassing compared to the Championswhich is by far the one that offers the most playing time: 60.07 minutes out of the 90 stipulated regulations.

In this last day of the League, without going any further, just 54:09 minutes of effective time were played, according to OPTA data. Mallorca-Athletic had an effective time of 46:10 minutes out of the more than 96 they played. Consequently, that game ended in an unbearable 0-0 for many fans who felt how they had wasted their time.

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Not just a matter of timing

But there is more in the report that UEFA has sent on the 2022/23 season. The league is the competition that most yellow cards per match sample, with an average of 5. The competition directed by Javier Tebas is far behind the Bundesliga (3,8), Premier (3,6) o to Ligue 1 (3,3). The mean in Champions stands at 4.1. As for the red cardsthe differences are multiplied even more. The Liga shows 0.44 reds per game, while thePremier League exhibits (0,11), the A league (0.18) and the Bundesliga (0.19) shows four to two times fewer red cards per game. The mean in Championsat 0.19.

Closely related to card data and game time are the absences, although the differences in this case are not so disparate, thus reflecting that it is much easier to be reprimanded and sent off in the Spanish competition than in other major leagues. In The Liga 26.4 fouls are called per game, being the most aggressive in Europe. The Spanish follows, in order, the A league (24,9), Ligue 1 (24,8), Bundesliga (23,9) y Premier League (21.5). The mean in Champions it is the lowest of all, 21.3 fouls per game only.

And where are more penalties called? The data on maximum penalties is fairly even, although it does reflect that in the Premier League It is clearly where they occur the least per game, an average of 1 for every four games: 0.24. The Liga stands at 0.33 –a penalty every three games– and the rest of the competitions at 0.28 A league0.36 the Bundesligay 0,38 la Ligue 1. The mean in Champions stands at 0.29 per game.

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