The detection of 163 thousand and 858 children and women as part of the maternal and fetal health initiatives

Mohammed Nassar

Posted on: Sunday, July 18, 2021 – 9:50 PM | Last update: Sunday, July 18, 2021 – 9:50 PM

Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, received from the Health Directorate a report showing the number of beneficiaries of some of the president’s presidential initiatives, to preserve citizens and early detection of diseases, including the initiative to support maternal, fetal and audiological health. Medical examinations were conducted on 163,858 children and women, Among them are 114,390 newborns within the audiology initiative, and examinations were conducted for 49,468 pregnant women.

Dr. Sawsan Salam, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Kafr El-Sheikh, said that 114,390 children were examined for early detection of hearing loss and impairment, as part of the 100 Million Seha initiative for early detection of hearing loss and impairment, stressing that if a child is diagnosed with hearing loss, the examination is repeated again. After a week and after confirmation, the child is transferred to the referral clinic to complete the examinations.

Salam added that the medical teams, at the initiative of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic to support the health of the mother and fetus, provided medical services, and conducted the necessary examinations for 49,468 pregnant women in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate since last November until now, noting that the initiative aims to reach a healthy generation of children. Good and free of diseases transmitted from the mother to the fetus, and reduce deaths from those diseases.

She explained that the initiative targets pregnant women from the first day of pregnancy until birth, for early detection of various infectious diseases transmitted from the mother to the fetus and all diseases that can affect the health of the fetus to prevent its transmission, and to detect diabetes and pressure for pregnant women, and follow-up and treatment services are provided. Through the medical centers and health units in the governorate, directing and referring those who were discovered to be infected to receive the necessary evaluation and treatment in the referral hospitals specified in the governorate, according to the type of disease the mother has, in addition to activating and improving the quality of routine services that they provide within the protocol for the care of pregnant women through maternal and child care services, noting Ensure that medical clinics and examination places are equipped, and that medical supplies are available.

She added that the presidential initiative to support maternal and fetal health targets a medical examination of pregnant women from Egyptian and non-Egyptian women in the cities and villages of the governorate, in the age group above 18 years, between education, awareness and medical examination, through a medical team trained in examination work, including doctors, nurses, data entryists, and rural pioneers. With a total of 118 medical teams distributed among 11 health departments.

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