The dermatologist told about what diseases the condition of the skin on the elbows speaks about

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Dermatologist, cosmetologist Nadezhda Nabatnikova told Moscow 24 that the poor condition of the skin on the elbows can indicate diabetes, vitamin deficiency and psoriasis.

According to the specialist, the skin on the elbows is very thin, often dehydrated and sensitive. It can darken, grey, peel and blush depending on the disease, the dermatologist said in an interview with the Doctor 24 program.

In diabetes, the skin darkens in the area of ​​​​the elbow and this is characterized by the severity of the folds. The streak appears. Of course, there must be symmetry. That is, it is not one elbow.

Nadezhda Nabatnikova

dermatologist, cosmetologist

For those who have such a problem, the specialist advises to reconsider their attitude to sugar consumption and contact an endocrinologist. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe a blood glucose test, Nabatnikova said. At particular risk for insulin resistance are young people who eat a lot of sweets and eat “fast” food, the expert warns.

With a lack of vitamins, there can be not only peeling on the elbows, but also cracks on the lips, the doctor continues. “If you have beriberi, you need to concentrate on increasing the intake of vitamins A and E. This is cod liver, generally fatty fish, beef,” the cosmetologist advises.

If a person constantly leans on his elbows, the skin in these places can become rough, thus protecting itself from the negative impact, says the dermatologist. To get rid of this problem, the specialist advises the use of creams with a high percentage of urea. They will moisturize and exfoliate the skin, concluded Nabatnikova.

Earlier, cosmetologist Evoma Ukelege advised to take care of the skin not only in the morning and before bedtime, but also throughout the day. The expert pointed out that such procedures are of particular relevance in the winter and while working remotely. With the problem of dry skin, which often occurs due to batteries, serums, mists and massage help to cope.



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