Cristina Perez again pointed against the National Government in the editorial that he makes every night in Confessions in the night, the program that runs from Tuesday to Friday in Radio Miter. With unusual arguments, the journalist launched a drowning slap against the new restrictions on foreign travel imposed by Alberto Fernández to prevent contagion of coroanvirus. “They handle health management like the Flintstones“Perez complained. The ultra-opposition journalist he also attacked Axel Kicillof, whom he accused of “following in the footsteps” of Gildo Insfrán for his decision to comply with the isolations in hotels.

The determination of the National Government of restrict the amount of daily income to the country With the aim of delaying the entry of other strains of the coronavirus to Argentina, it generated many repercussions, mainly in the opposition. Without going too far, the national administration had to come out to deny a fake news which indicated that there were 45,000 Argentines stranded. In order to Cristina Perez, with the new provisions “the government takes revenge on the middle class that cannot tame“.

Shows the superlative lack of respect (sic) with which he regards his compatriots“The journalist also considered in her recent editorial. Telefe News pointed to what the new measures “go over” constitutional guarantees, for which he invoked the long-held article 14 of the National Constitution that guarantees to enter, stay, transit and leave Argentine territory: “Obstructing them is a form of cohesion and is abusive“. In any case, Pérez acknowledged that the circumstances of the pandemic.”imposed exceptional challenges“.

They handle health management like the Flintstones“, assured the journalist of Radio Miter while criticizing the tribute to the fatal victims of COVID that Alberto Fernández made a few days ago and accused the Government of wanting to “use those killed by the coronavirus”. In his editorial of Confessions in the night, Pérez also assured that the Executive’s objective is to make “life impossible for the people.”

What the government’s moral abuse of citizens shows again is its deep repressive and authoritarian essence“He once again accused the National Government, before pointing out his criticism of the measures taken by Axel Kicillof. To shoot against the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, the ultra-opposition journalist accused him of following “in the footsteps of Gildo Insfrán”. The axis of his criticism is based on the disposition that marks the mandatory isolation in hotels, without taking into account the enormous number of people who previously failed to comply with this measure.

The conductor of Telefe News ventured that with these measures what the Government seeks is “to blame the Delta variant on those who traveled”. As different referents of the opposition shout, Cristina Pérez remarked that “the problem is that they (the government) did not get the vaccines on time“and described them as” inept. “