Public health reiterates the importance of getting vaccinated and having a screening test as soon as symptoms appear.

We don’t have many cases now, but several of them have been infected with the Delta variant. The Delta variant is much more contagious and causes more severe illness. This is why even vaccinated people can contract it, but they will have very mild symptoms or even no symptoms., explains Dr. Omobola Sobanjo, medical consultant in public health.

The latest report shows 16 active cases in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, including 10 in the MRC of Témiscamingue.

Mandatory vaccination

The CEO of CISSS-AT, Caroline Roy, also admits that the possibility of losing employees due to compulsory vaccination is worrying.

There are currently 219 unvaccinated workers at the CISSS-AT out of the approximately 6,000 employees.

The union that represents nurses, among others, the FIQ-SISSAT, said on Wednesday that certain services could not function with one or two fewer employees.

Caroline Roy specifies that her organization is currently analyzing the repercussions of compulsory vaccination.

She especially wants to convince her employees to get vaccinated, for the safety of patients and other health care workers.

From October 15, employees, doctors, volunteers, trainees who are not doubly vaccinated will have to stop their work. Yes, it is a concern, on the other hand it is a question of risk management and currently, the most important risk which we are confronted is the risk of transmission by us and between us.

Visitors and caregivers must also be adequately vaccinated by October 15 to visit relatives in hospitals or CHSLDs.

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