“The Delta variant is experiencing an outbreak in Morocco”

“The high incidence of the contamination rate is a normal phenomenon during this period, given the entry of new mutations of the virus in Morocco, in particular the Delta variant. […] By following the epidemiological situation in Morocco, we can say that 40% of the causes are linked to relaxation in compliance with precautionary measures, and 60% are related to the rapid spread of the Delta variant ”, explains to TelQuel on condition of anonymity, a member of the national scientific and technical committee in charge of monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The specialist referred to a problem facing laboratories working for the detection of the virus. It is about the lack of means necessary to study the propagation of the variants. “[…]Our laboratories cannot detect more than 5 genomes, unlike British or Chinese laboratories, for example, which can identify 3000 to 5000 genomes during a single analysis process “, he said, insisting that” the Delta variant knows an outbreak in Morocco ”.

According to this member of the national scientific and technical committee, “there is a difference in symptoms between the original strain of Covid and the Delta variant”. “The first case doesn’t cause a runny nose and it’s a dry cough, but the second is completely similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu. When people are infected, especially people who have been vaccinated, they believe they are not. They recover after 3 or 4 days, but after having transmitted the virus, ”he explains.

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