The deceased soldier was considered a martyr after 31 years

The deceased soldier was considered a martyr after 31 years

The family of Private Nurhan Gürol, who was ill and died while doing his military service in Istanbul in 1992, living in the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa, is proud that their son was considered a martyr as a result of their legal struggle.

Private Nurol Gürol, who fell ill while he was on guard duty at the Istanbul Topkule 66th Armored Brigade Command on February 27, 1992, was considered a martyr by the decision of the regional administrative court as a result of the application made by his family 31 years after his death.

Martyr’s mother, Leyla Gürol, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that her son joined the recruits’ union in the Etimesgut district of Ankara in 1991, 3 months later he went on leave for 10 days, and then went to his unit in Topkale, Istanbul.

Stating that his son fell ill during his duty and died due to respiratory failure, Gürol said, “About 30 years after my son’s death, the Turkish flag was hung over his grave. May Allah be pleased with our homeland, our nation and our lawyer.” used his statements.

The martyr’s sister, Güler Gürol, also stated that she was very happy that her brother was considered a martyr and said, “In 1991, we condemned my brother and sent him off to the army to do his national service. He passed away in the line of duty. I am proud as the martyr’s sister.” said.


The lawyer of the Gürol family, Mehmet Azar, also stated that Nurhan Gürol, after completing his military service in Ankara Etimesgut in 1991, was assigned as a tank soldier at the Istanbul Topkule 66th Armored Brigade Command for his mastership.

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Stating that Gürol applied to the infirmary with the complaint of bronchitis on July 23, 1991, Azar said, “Nurhan Gürol was given a two-day rest and his treatment was completed. After 7 months, this time he underwent a general health screening in February 1992, and no finding was found. “21 days after this scan, he fell to the ground in the morning hours after falling ill and died there. After his death, it was determined that he had respiratory failure due to pulmonary edema as the cause of death.” he said.

Lawyer Mehmet Azar talked about the legal struggle of his family after Gürol’s death:

“After Nurhan Gürol’s death, the client family made an application to the SGK with the request to be counted as ‘disabled of duty’, that is, ‘martyr’.

Within the scope of the lawsuit filed at the 7th Administrative Court of Ankara following this transaction, the court accepted that the death that occurred while performing his military service was due to the cause and effect of the military service, considering that Nurhan Gürol did not have any illness during the examination before he started his military service. On the mother’s side, he accepted the case and decided that he be granted a duty disability pension, and on his sister’s side, he refused in terms of competence because he did not have the right to file the case.

We have applied to the appeal law for the elder sister, and the regional administrative court has accepted the case from the elder sister’s side, stating that the sister also has a current interest in using her rights and that she can file a lawsuit for this reason. With this decision, 31 years after his death, Nurhan Gürol’s death was taken to the status of martyr, and finally, the client family gained the rightful pride of being a martyr’s family.”

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Stating that after Gürol’s martyrdom was accepted in 1992, his mother was given a duty disability pension, Azar noted that his sister also gained some rights that were born from her martyred brother.

Azar reminded that before this decision, there were precedent decisions made by some courts that diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, meningitis, myalgia and heart attack should be covered by “martyrdom”.

Lawyer Mehmet Azar said, “It is possible to state that the decision is precedent in two respects. Firstly, with this decision, the recognition of soldiers who lost their lives due to respiratory failure as martyrs was added to the precedent. Secondly, in terms of siblings of those who died in the military, whose parents were not alive and did not file a lawsuit, thinking that they were not entitled. It also sets a precedent.” used his statements.

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