Member of Parliament, Ayman Abul-Ela, announced the death of his media wife, Asma Mustafa, after her struggle with illness, and wrote through his personal account on the Facebook site, “My back is broken and my heart is broken, and I will only say what pleases God .. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

The death of Asmaa Mustafa

In the middle of last month, the page admin announced that Asmaa Mustafa had entered the hospital, saying: “We apologize for not communicating and responding, because Asmaa fell ill, as a result of which she entered the hospital. Your prayers are to leave safely.”

Asma Mustafa previously revealed the reasons for not sharing her experience of fighting cancer with her followers like other celebrities, stressing that her health condition is “complicated”, and the medical team is still trying to reach a chemotherapy protocol that suits her relatively late condition, and she apologized for providing a live broadcast to reassure her fans, confirming She will not appear in this state of health.

Asmaa sent a message to all her followers on her Facebook page, in which she said: Good evening, greetings, and thanks to all the beautiful people on the page. Is it important for others to benefit? The answer is simply that, of course, I am convinced and aware of the importance of the cancer patient being able to benefit others through his experience, and there are actually many, and sometimes very complicated, things involved.


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