The days of Residence of General and Family Medicine began

A meeting of doctors from the same specialty was held on the morning of this Thursday, July 28, in the Multipurpose Room of the Franklin Rawson Museum of Fine Arts.

The days of the Residence, the Service and the Association of General and Family Medicine (MGyF) began jointly. The opening act, carried out this morning, was attended by the Minister of Health, Alejandra Venerando, the Secretary of Planning and Vice President of the Sanjuanina Association of MGyF., Alina Almazán, the Undersecretary of Preventive Medicine of the health portfolio, Matías Espejo, the head of Sanitary Zone V, Ivana Garzón and the head of the Service, Lidia Alonso, respectively.

In the initial ceremony, the head of the Family Medicine Service, Lidia Alonso, highlighted the return of the sessions, after two years of suspension due to the pandemic. The doctor herself said that “we have to highlight this new meeting that will provide us with more knowledge and wisdom. This is what we seek and we do well”.

For her part, the minister highlighted the importance of family doctors at the service of the population. “These days have a lot to do with the reunion of all of us who cultivate the same love for the specialty. The training that a family doctor has is remarkable and this must be valued. This reunion implies finding the roots of family medicine, finding the value, the leitmotif, the objective of this specialty”, she said.

Venerando reiterated the importance of the health team in this time as painful as the pandemic we are experiencing. Family doctors, specifically, demonstrated capacity and were up to the events, “like all health personnel who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the people of San Juan.”

The heads of health zones and central level officials from the Ministry of Public Health participated in the opening act.

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The conference will take place over two days, July 28 and 29, where important speakers will deal with different topics, referring to smoking, diabetes, adolescence, language disorders, Strategic Health Plan, colon cancer, among others.



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