The day a UFO was sighted on a road in Cádiz

The day a UFO was sighted on a road in Cádiz

In 1984, two young men were taking photos when they observed a strange flying object in the sky, a possible case of a UFO over the Cádiz Highway.

Lately, aliens have gained special relevance, due to the three “mysterious” objects that the United States has shot down in its airspace. Taking advantage of this, today we bring you a curious story that occurred in Spain: the day a UFO was sighted on a road in Cádiz.

We go back to the year 1984, in full swing and ‘Spain white shirt of my hope’, by Ana Belén playing on the radios of thousands of homes. On January 18, around 11:30 in the morning, two young men took a photo and They captured a strange object flying over the Cádiz Highway, at the height of the San Carlos neighborhood.

The photo was published in numerous media the next day (today, we would use the term viral). It must be remembered that at that time there was enormous interest in the UFO phenomenon.

The day a UFO was sighted on a road in Cádiz

The witnesses who witnessed the unidentified object were Antonio Romero Rodríguez and David Romero Bonilla. These young people were testing a camera that one of them had bought and, upon seeing the UFO, they did not hesitate to take several photos of it.

According to the newspaper ABCthrough a press release from EFEBoth young men were taking photos of their dogs and suddenly they saw the UFO. They explained that it was an object of great proportions and that, after remaining motionless for a moment, disappeared at high speed.

The witnesses affirmed that the supposed UFO disappeared on the horizon behind the roofs of the houses, without being sighted again.

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According to the journalist Iker Jimenez in his book ‘UFO Encounters. The history of UFOs in Spain’, was one of the dogs present there, named Bobby, who first noticed the presence of the strange flying object and began to bark, which caught the attention of the two young people.

In the days that followed, many came to question the veracity of the photograph, even accusing the young people of having faked it.

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