The Higher Sports Council (CSD) affirmed this Wednesday that, according to the LaLiga report regarding the suspension of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada, the Madrid club “failed to comply with the protocols” and their actions when traveling “It has put at risk the health of its players, public health and competition as a whole”.

“We cannot allow a bad application of good protocols to tarnish the extraordinary effort made by all Spanish sports, always under the supervision of the health authorities,” he said in a statement.

In it, he requested “both the League and the Spanish Football Federation, through its Competition Committee, to study these extremes and apply the measures they deem appropriate to prevent a similar incident from happening again in the future.”

He also assured that for the organism «The positive cases in the CF Fuenlabrada are a cause for concern» and wished “above all to those affected a speedy improvement, as well as the best possible evolution for their relatives and close contacts”,

In his opinion, the suspension of the meeting “was the correct decision with the information that was available at that time” and yesterday he asked LaLiga for a report “on what happened between Saturday and Monday afternoon, when he became aware of the facts », A report that he received after 12 noon today,« he explained.

«There was also no due diligence to inform the sports authorities and the CSD did not know what was happening until late Monday afternoon, “he said.

On Saturday 18, the first positive

The body chaired by Irene Lozano noted that “Both the club and La Liga met the first positive on Saturday, July 18 at 10:30 p.m.”, at which time “fluid communication should have been established with the health authority, as stated in the” Early response plan in a scenario of pandemic control by Covid-19 “, of the Ministry of Health (July 13) ».

“In addition, and this is more serious, the club and La Liga learned on Sunday at 22:30 that there were three more positives. It is considered that there is an outbreak when there are three infections, and at that time there were already four. In the aforementioned plan, it is stated that in the event of an outbreak, the health authorities must be notified immediately, but the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid was not informed, according to the La Liga report, “he added.

He also recalled that his protocol clearly establishes, and this is stated in the LaLiga report, that if a positive is detected, it is due, among other measures, «Perform a covid-19 test on the entire training group, as well as on the technical or personal body with whom he could have had a contact, leaving these sections until the results are obtained ».

«From our point of view, a serious mistake was made when undertaking the trip: those who took the test on Monday morning should have been isolated, until the result was known (which happened when they were already in A Coruña). In the event of an outbreak, the team should not have traveled on Monday, due to an elementary principle of prudence, even if it is true that the remaining PCR tests carried out on the same Sunday were negative, “he considered.

Breached the protocols

The conclusion of the CSD is that “It seems that the CF Fuenlabrada failed to comply with the protocols”, so “the problem is not in these, but in their misapplication”. “The person in charge of correctly applying the protocols is the club and the person responsible for ensuring that this is done is La Liga,” he stressed.

In his writing, he insisted that his main concern since the start of the pandemic was to guarantee a safe return from the professional and high-level competitions of our country, “an effort that has placed us at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus and the protection of athletes in the world ”, as demonstrated by the Endesa League Final Phase, the end of LaLiga Santander and the restart of the MotoGP World Championship, with“ demanding health protocols, and when unity in sport prevails ”.

«In the case of soccer, safe sport has functioned with unquestionable success, thanks to the collaboration between the health authorities, the CSD, LaLiga and the RFEF, and the enormous commitment shown by the clubs, the players and the fans. Since last June 11, 220 official professional soccer games have been held and there has only been one incident. This means that 99.6% of the competition has been successfully held, “he concluded.

The FEF opens an extraordinary file to the Madrid club

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) has reported this Wednesday that it is opening an extraordinary file for Fuenlabrada, whose game on the last day of LaLiga SmartBank against Deportivo had to be postponed due to several positives for COVID-19 in its template.