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In 2020, the Polish studio kuklamknown from Cartonfalland publisher Games Operators announced Cryospace, role-playing horror with a focus on survival. And now we were shown 25 minutes of gameplay with comments from the developers.

Cryospace takes place on a starship carrying colonists to a distant planet. And we get the role of a mechanic-repairman, who must help everyone who is in cryosleep survive. And for this it is necessary not only to repair the ship, but also to understand who else is on it.

The main resource for our mechanic will be air: without it, life will last no more than a couple of minutes. A flashlight is no less important: in complete darkness, you can’t find resources and keys to survival. And any help can be obtained from crew members and colonists, you just need to wake up the right specialist. But it also requires oxygen.

Cryospace is one of many games inspired by the “Aliens“. And a number of similar projects are now being created in Poland: Lumencraft, Nemesis: Distress, Nemesis: Lockdown, Hidden Depp, Final Form. The author Liberated create 4 Minutes to Apocalypseand the creators Green Hell working on a project Chimera.

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