The controversial end of Mass Effect 3 led to crunch and death threats towards its developers

People Make Games have spoken with former BioWare workers about the outcome of the acclaimed trilogy.

The Mass Effect saga has been one of the most beloved by RPG fans of Science fiction. From the hand of the legendary BioWare, they knew how to make a trilogy for the generation of Xbox 360 and PS3 that conquered the fans with memorable characters and a deep story where decisions led the narrative towards a unforgettable epic. Although not the whole story was received so positively.

At this point we would like to remind you that although we are not going to thoroughly gut the events that occurred in the outcome of the trilogy, if you do not want to know anything about the game, both the information in the text and especially the video that you will find below, may contain important SPOILERS. The People Make Games video talks about the controversy that arose after the end of Mass Effect 3 and how some of its developers experienced it.

The end of Mass Effect 3 brought players to a juncture where they were presented three options which resulted in three different outcomes for the fate of the galaxy. These options they felt really similar when the player replayed the title, uncovering an ending disappointing for the majority, who felt confused and ambiguous closure, leading the study to be the target of to much critics.

The workers lived long hours of work to carry out the epilogueIn the video, the developers talk about how they lived through the controversy, confronting fans on many occasions enraged, who came to harass them and even threaten them with death. BioWare had promised that the decisions of the players would be reflected throughout the entire adventure, including the ending, something that had not been satisfied. During its original release, we were able to experience the harsh criticism that led BioWare to make the decision to launch a new epilogue that better closed the story in the form of free DLC.

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The main problem with the development of this DLC is that it was not planned and according to the former employees, it had to be done quickly in long working hours to present it as soon as possible, an epilogue with which not even all developers agreed. The video of People Make Games It contains a lot of interesting information about some of the alternate endings that were considered and other curiosities about the franchise. Remember that you also have available our analysis of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the long-awaited remastering of the original trilogy.

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