The conflict with Colón continues over the repechage clause

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The striker will return to River in this transfer market, but the Millionaire and Colón have not yet reached an agreement, which is why he remains in Santa Fe.

© river pressThe striker will be picked up by the Millionaire but there is still no agreement with Colón.

First day of training after the short vacation and there are already setbacks in River. Gallardo hoped to have his first new face this Tuesday in Ezeiza but he will have to wait a few more days. Muñeco himself announced at a press conference that Lucas Beltrán will return to the Millionaire in this transfer marketmaking use of the repechage clause that appears in his loan contract with Colón, but the leadership has not yet reached an agreement with Sabalero and a conflict arises.

According to marks from Colón, the player is linked to the Santa Fe team until June 30 and only after that River can retake him, so he would still have a month left playing under the command of Julio César Falcioni. Logically, the Millionaire wants to have Beltrán as soon as possible and is in negotiations with Colón to try to unblock the situation, but for now they have not reached an understanding and that is why the Cordovan showed up at the Sabalero practice this Tuesday morning and not at the River one.

With this scenario, it is very likely that Beltrán be available in Colón for the debut in the Professional Leaguewhich will be this Saturday afternoon against Atlético Tucumán as a visitor, and that Gallardo does not have reinforcements for his debut against Defense and Justice on Sunday night. The talks with the Sabalero will continue this week, but everything indicates that there will only be a resolution next week.

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