The relationship of Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera it is already absolutely consolidated. The model and the pilot traveled with her daughters to Patagonia and shared the best moments on social media.

In Intruders, they analyzed the couple’s relationship and said that there was an encounter with Urcera’s ex, Micaela Álvarez Cuesta: “What Micaela tells me is: ‘We are going to cross each other many times because we are doing all the same circuits that we did when we were together. Besides, he is from Neuquén, I am from Neuquén. When he comes with Nicole, we are going to cross each other. ‘”.

“This is Nikita’s post in divine snow with Manu”, Rodrigo Lussich said as they showed postcards of the couple’s vacation. Adrián Pallares added: “He is re happy, beyond the botox that he has on top of him, which is always like …”.

Lussich ended his partner’s sentence with a spicy comment: “He is fascinated, it is true that he remained, as Adri says, as if a wind had caught him”, said.

Virginia Gallardo added: “They are sharing photos all the time, stories. I dare to do something else, at first they were commented with emojis, hearts, faces and now it is ‘love you’ as they took one more step ”.

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