Since the formula Fernandez-Fernandez came to power the winds in Comodoro Py changed. Through her lawyers, the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, He has been making different proposals whose central axis, for the most part, is lawfare. This is her main defense strategy in the cases where she is accused / prosecuted and on the eve of an oral trial, thus accusing a persecution by the government of Mauricio Macri from December 2015 until he left power in 2019.

CFK has not had a bad performance in legal matters.

On the one hand, and taking into account that in two cases where she asked to be heard in a public oral hearing, she managed to be dismissed, it is evidenced that she has not had a bad performance in legal matters.

First, future dollar. In that hearing held on March 4 of this year before room 1 of the Federal Chamber of Cassation, he stated: “Cristina Fernández de Kirchner she was accused that with the future dollar contracts she benefited her friends. And the reality is that no friend of mine or any official of my government had a future dollar. Those who had it were the friends of Macri and when they came to the government, they paid the interest rate that they were going to pay on their contracts, knowing that they were going to devalue ”. And he went further, “they had come to that, to devalue. Nothing mattered to them. They said that the price of the economy was moving at the price of the blue dollar. Minga! The price of the dollar was $ 9.74 and the prices of the economy were with the dollar at $ 9.74. You, the Judiciary, contributed to this government winning the elections and doing what you did ”.


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