the complaints show another face of the medical system

1.- Medical complaints: the other face of public health

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“And it is even better that some states have not accepted, that they have voluntarily said that their health system is efficient (…) Do you know why it is good? Because it is like democracy, it means competition and we are going to see who it is. who”, the president harangued Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on February 7, 2020.

Those words launched in San Luis de la Paz when the Popular Insurance was just replaced by the Welfare Institute, without glimpse of the disastrous Covid-19 pandemic, set the plans in which the federal and state administrations were placed, in front of the system of public health.

One with an eye on the political impact, another on the financial resources that were put at stake. In the end, two perceptions in which patients are involved, affiliated or not, to systems that historically drag lags and challenges to meet.

That is where we want to place medical malpractice cases. Inescapable reflections of the quality of care that hundreds of people suffer in Guanajuato, with the diversity of institutions whose mission is to ensure public health.

as reported today maileach year an average of one hundred medical complaints are filed with the State Medical Conciliation and Arbitration Commission.

Public hospitals are the ones that have received the largest number of complaints in recent years, especially the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), whose bureaucratic labyrinths – as described by its former director German Martinez Cazares– have plunged it into corruption and negligence.

Meanwhile, the state system headed by the Secretary of Health of Guanajuato (SSG), also faces, although to a lesser extent, a record of medical complaints, which suggest the unfulfilled challenge of basicization for personnel -admitted by its head , Daniel Diaz Martinez– that since the pandemic faces hospital demand.

In the midst of it all, the role of private hospitals stands out, whose lack of supervision also places them in persistent negligence, reflecting the need for greater control due to their impact on public health.

More than numbers, it’s about people. Citizens who, trusting in the professionalism of public or private institutions, put their well-being in their hands, although that mission sometimes ends up with a greater affectation.

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2.- Alejando Navarro and his shameless flirting with MC

From professional tiktoker to rapper, through promoter of diversity, if something has characterized Alejandro Navarro Saldana is not to go unnoticed; the keys are in sight when it comes to carving out a political future that is not so secure as an active member of the PAN.

This weekend, in an unusual way, Navarro drew attention as a special guest at the ‘Pride’ march of the LGBTQ+ pride in León. With a crowd that the mayor would like to summon Alejandra Gutierrez Camposrose to the stage to show off as a promoter of diversity, despite the conservative party that champions it.

It is inevitable not to link that image -promoted by his own communication team- with his intentions to aspire to the governorship of Guanajuato, as he himself has advanced.

However, it is the culmination of a week in which he showed off photographs with the state leader of Movimiento Ciudadano, Rodrigo Gonzalez Zaragozaas well as with the mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojasand the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia Sepulvedataking advantage of the meeting of capital cities.

Within the party that he leads as a moral leader Dante Delgado Rannaurothey read these public displays as an obvious flirtation, which does not go beyond the PAN, where they do not give it much hope and on the contrary, they view with reservations the pronouncements that Navarro has expressed in favor of the LGBTQ+ community.

There are even those within the party of the eagle who have openly rejected it, such as Zayra Velázquez Gonzálezthe state delegate of Women in Movement, who reminded the mayor of Guanajuato of the episode of political violence that he carried out against the councilor of MC in Guanajuato capital, Liliana Alejandra Preciado Zarate.

Even the apology that Navarro offered to the mayor even without having a sentence against, was perceived in MC as his first step to get closer to the orange party. The fact is that in MC they don’t have him, at the moment, as a possible signing.

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However, the mayor moves. Could it be that he brings some animator behind, of names Francis Augustine and surnames Vieyra Creek?

You expect anything. The truth is that the struggle for diversity and gender equality drags such a lag in Guanajuato that they do not admit opportunism or political careerism.

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3.- Callejoneadas, between tradition and profit

Public health
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When any person, tourist or local, sets foot in the Union Garden, they are surrounded by ‘tunos’ that invite them to the alley. It is a must-see attraction in Guanajuato capital.

Touring the nooks and crannies of the city behind the student house has been customary since the 1960s. University students recreated the bohemian tradition that originated in medieval Spain, singing romantic songs, serving as guides through places of interest.

Currently this activity no longer involves students or anything traditional. This is confirmed by the chronicler of the city, Eduardo Vidaurri Arechiga. The historian recognizes that times change and all cultural manifestations adapt; however, one would have to ask if the changes have been for the better.

Tourists pay 120 pesos for a ticket to the callejoneada. The cost includes a drink, but on the tour the participants are forced to buy other products such as flowers and ribbon rosettes, which are deliberately part of the narrative handled by the student company. The option to buy more alcohol at strategic ‘spontaneous’ points is also part of the tour. In the end, the experience is a chain of consumerism that gradually envelops the tourist.

Vidaurri warns that since the beginning of the 1990s, the students are a mere product for profit. Sadly, this activity is in high demand. Tourists, unaware of the origin of the tradition, overlook how it has been distorted.

With a repertoire that is far from the classic and romantic associated with callejoneadas, the musicians offer what they think the client expects, and that is coarse humor, in bad taste, which not everyone enjoys.

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Regret that the streets have changed to such a degree, goes beyond nostalgia. Reviewing what is offered to visitors to a heritage city is important, traditions are a letter of introduction to foreigners, which should not be underestimated.

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Victor Zanella Huerta

Victor Zanella

Positioned in practice as an open operator of the state government, the local deputy for Irapuato Victor Zanella Huertawill present his report today after the tours of the Financial Liaison Board that he has carried out in the municipalities, as president of the Treasury and Control Commission of the State Congress.

It is one of the recent faces of the PAN, which seeks a future attached to the governor’s compact group Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo headed by the chief of staff Carlos ‘Charly’ Alcantara.

He is a dieguista operator eager to become a novillero, who does not miss an opportunity to fulfill assignments and at the same time appear in the public arena.

Precisely that happened with the aforementioned work groups that the PAN member developed in recent months, but that above all intensified after Rodríguez Vallejo’s call for the mayors to get into debt.

Zanella was a prominent promoter of the ‘responsible’ debt they could access. So the position of the PAN legislator was clear, by offering green lights for the councilors in Congress with the solidary guarantee of the state administration.

On the other hand, Víctor Zanella has also been the perfect gatekeeper to beat every audit requested by the opposition, which surely makes him the perfect ally of the executive power.

Today, this local deputy who dreams of being mayor of Irapuato, will offer results that, in addition to giving him a greater spotlight, will largely determine the immediate future that is in sight for the municipalities heading into their second year of public office, as well as the accounts payable for the end of the triennium.

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