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More and more people are considering to stop using Google Chrome, but why? We tell you what are some of the reasons why users are stopping using the Google browser.

Google Chrome has been the undisputed leader in the browser industry for a few years. As we can see in the statistics service StatCounter, in May 2021 Google’s browser had a global market share of 64.75%, followed very far by Safari with 18.43%, Microsoft Edge with 3, 37% and Mozilla Firefox with 3.36%.

Today, about 2 billion users use Chrome as their primary browser, although the truth is that more and more people are beginning to consider making a change. But why?

What is driving users to abandon Chrome is nothing other than privacy. Privacy experts claim that Chrome is part of Google’s data collection infrastructure, along with the search engine, Gmail, and other services in its ecosystem. Its dominance of the market gives the Big G enormous power, to the point of helping to set new standards on the web.

In recent weeks, the internet giant has been at the center of controversy due to the Google FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) project, the company’s alternative to traditional cookies. Those of Mountain View want to lead the passage from the era of cookies to a new system that regulates the market for personalized advertising with FLoC, a new dynamic that promises benefits for advertisers but takes the privacy of users first.

This is why the project is receiving harsh criticism. DuckDuckGo, the search engine that uses privacy as its main premise, has developed its own extension to block FLoC. Other browsers, like Brave, they oppose the project because it informs the websites and third parties of the users’ browsing history, among other things.

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Google’s plans for European users are still unclear. Zak Doffman, from Forbes magazine, deduces that the tests carried out by the Big G have not used users from the Old Continent, as it violates the current GDPR data protection law.

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In his article, Doffman provides another reason to stop using Chrome. According to the privacy labels of iOS, the Google browser can collect large amount of information from users, which includes location, search and browsing history, user identifiers, and product interaction data for personalization purposes.

Those of Mountain View ensure that this data allows you to enable functions such as saving bookmarks and passwords in the Google account, but unlike other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari, Chrome links this data to devices and individuals, according to Doffman .

As explained in Wired, Chrome is one of Google’s most powerful data collection tools. When you sync your Google account with the browser, The Big G combines the information from Chrome with the data from Gmail, your geolocation history from Google Maps, the apps you use on your Android mobile or your social graph (the people you interact with).

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Since all this generates a very clear image of what each user is like, more and more people are considering changing browsers or not syncing Chrome with their Google account and dispensing with some of its functions.

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