the company has already committed to respect the rights of consumers

Profeco has responded to the case of users filing complaints for purchase orders unilaterally canceled by Liverpool. Through an informative note cited by Remodeling (but not yet available in the press section of the agency’s portal), the attorney said that the company has already committed to “respect the rights of consumers in accordance with the Law“.

In Xataka Mexico We previously talked with the group of affected people who are being advised by the legal consulting company Gabmex. The administrative director of the consultancy said in an interview that Liverpool is violating consumer rights when canceling purchase orders for Samsung TVs.

In the informative note of the attorney it is detailed that at least 125 complaints have been received. In addition, Profeco says that all claims will be received through Conciliaexpress, where each request will be reviewed to verify that consumers have made the purchase, that they have obtained an order number and that, finally, their orders have been canceled.

Profeco is calling for the complaints presented to be accompanied by evidence, so that the complainants present screenshots, photos or videos that document the purchase process and the subsequent cancellation.

Profeco also cited article 50 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, which establishes that whoever offers a promotion and does not comply with it, must offer another good or an equivalent service.

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