The comedy “The Singer to the Whole Head” and other premieres of the week

“The Head Singer” (original title – Falling for Figaro), 2020, UK, comedy.

Directed by: Ben Luin. Cast: Danielle MacDonald, Joanna Lumley and others.

In Russian box office from 28 July.

Pretty fat Millie lives in London, works in a large financial corporation, earns decent money, has an affair with a handsome brunette and … considers herself unhappy. The trouble is that Millie loves the opera, she dreams of one day going on stage and playing a couple of arias, but the only thing that makes her look like an opera diva is her impressive size. The girl does not have a special education, the presence of talent is also a big question, but this does not bother the financier who is in love with the works of Verdi and Puccini.

Millie leaves a prosperous life in the capital, gets into her brand new BMW and goes to a remote Scottish province, where she lives an absurd, but, as they say, incredibly skillful lady who can teach even a stool to sing. Naturally, the ambitions of the heroine are not limited to dubious prospects of becoming a singing stool – the girl plans to take part in the national competition of opera performers and, what the hell is not joking, win it.

Success in any creative competition cannot be completely objective, so the authors of “The Whole Head Singer” should hardly worry about the fact that their brainchild is not destined to take a prize in the ranking of the best British comedies of all time. However, even some films with the participation of Hugh Grant or Colin Firth are difficult to claim high positions in it, and in fact there is neither one nor the other in The Whole Singer (and in general, things are not very good here with famous actors). However, there are practically no false notes here either, which is already not bad: perhaps this is not enough for a big victory, but it will be enough for a worthy participation.

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“Don’t star!” (original title – Menteur), 2022, France, comedy.

Directed by: Olivier Barroux. Cast: Tarek Budali, Artoo and others.

In Russian box office from 28 July.



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