TERRIBLE JUNGLE – Should we see this comedy carried by Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Dedienne and Jonathan Cohen? What critics say about Terrible Jungle.

[Mis à jour le 29 juillet 2020 à 10h05] Catherine Deneuve as a mother who goes in search of her ethnologist son kidnapped by a tribe of gold diggers in the heart of the Amazon forest. This is the idea that begins Terrible Jungle, a feature film directed by Hugo Benamozig and David Caviglioli. In theaters from July 29, 2020, this film is one of the many French comedies currently showing in theaters. But this comedy stands out in the cinematic landscape for its penchant for absurd humor and its five-star cast. The French critics are generally conquered by Terrible jungle, saluting the absurd humor which would recall that of Monty Pythons or Oss 117. “Terrible Jungle”, by Hugo Benamozig and David Caviglioli, proposes a hilarious journey in absurd lands “, judge The Parisian, when L’Obs is even more dithyrambic: “To laugh like that, at the moment, it is the astronomical gift. Something to swallow his mask. Must take advantage of it.