The Collective of Moroccan Animal Protection Associations shouts its anger

The Collective of Moroccan Animal Protection Associations shouts its anger

The Collective of Moroccan Animal Protection Associations declares itself shocked by the situation currently experienced by street animals in our Kingdom.

In a press release, he underlines that despite the Framework Convention signed in 2019, under the aegis of the Ministry of the Interior, the TNVR program (capture, sterilization, vaccination and return to their initial environment of stray cats and dogs) to put a control of diseases such as rabies and other zoonoses, has still not been put into practice.

And to continue that this observation leaves room for brutal and inhuman operations, of capture and slaughter of animals throughout the country, including those already sterilized, vaccinated and identified…

This situation also gives a totally degraded and depreciated image of our country in the eyes of those who witness it: “In the first place, the most vulnerable citizens and in particular the children who witness, traumatized, scenes of extreme violence. Visible to everyone, these scenes are also shocking to tourists who are, in spite of themselves and more and more often, frightened and indignant spectators… They then echo them with the international media who denounce, in turn and with force, this situation which does considerable harm to our country, to its tourist frequentation and to the vision of modernity in which it is part…”, we say to the Collective which denounces the diversion , in both the letter and the spirit, of the contractual clauses of the 2019 Agreement, in particular with regard to the delegated management of the TNVR program to inexperienced associations with no work history, and whose creation is unjustified, or to private companies with no experience in the field of animal welfare and canine or feline knowledge.

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For the Collective, these outrageous practices are detrimental to the very foundation of the TNVR program and do not respect any of the 5 individual freedoms of animals (captured puppies and kittens included).

“We strongly disavow the inadmissible abuses of killing these animals, either by killing them by poisoning or shooting them with live ammunition, or by letting them die of hunger and/or thirst, or by capturing them in a terrible way… “, specifies the Collective, before adding that these barbaric killings are, moreover, totally ineffective in controlling the canine population, because WHO studies confirm, in fact, that any reduction in the canine or feline population by mortality , is quickly compensated by better reproduction and a better survival rate. In other words, when dogs and cats are removed from a territory, the life expectancy of the survivors increases, because they have better access to resources…

The Collectif des Associations Marocaines de Protection Animale thus calls for the immediate cessation of operations to capture and slaughter street animals, in all Moroccan cities, the application of the TNVR program following the recommendations of competent institutions such as the OMSA, FAO and WHO, who are radically opposed to the extermination of dogs, cats and equines as a means of protecting Public Health and controlling the canine and feline population, considering that TNVR is the only method reliable and internationally proven to ethically protect all citizens…


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