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The cold arrives in Houston informs the chief of meteorology Gastón Heredia, the thermometer will be located in the range of 30 degrees Fahrenheit | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

Houston Texas. – The National Meteorological Service expects a decrease in temperature for next week, which will place the thermometer in the range of 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gastón Heredia head of meteorology at Univision 45 said that between Tuesday and Wednesday the arrival of a cold front will be felt, “it is going to be very cold, it is going to be one of those first arrivals of quite cold air towards our region,” he said.

Heredia meteorologist explained how that air descends and affects several cities, including Houston.

"During this time the cold air in the polar part, in the northern part, accumulates, it is a cold air that is constantly turning and when it accumulates in large quantities there tends to be a detachment of that air," he continued.

It is predicted that the cold front will bring rains and then decrease in the temperature. On Tuesday morning the thermometer is expected to be at least 38 degrees Fahrenheit and on Wednesday morning it will drop a little more.

"This is going to be the crucial morning to keep in mind, not only will we feel it in Houston, but also through surrounding regions where we will see a very pronounced average," Heredia said.

The thermal sensation could be in the range of 20 degrees Fahrenheith, "in some areas it will be up to 24 degrees Fahrenheit, it's going to be a pretty cold morning, so you have to prepare," concluded the meteorologist Heredia.

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