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The joint secretary general of the CWB Hector Daer today repeated the claim of that plant that “all social actors with responsibilities find a way out together” to the problems of the country, instead of “the one sought by the sectors of economic concentration that would only impoverish the people”.

Daer claimed in a press conference the march against inflation organized and maintained today by the CWB, the CTA and other trade unions and social entities “the Argentine people feel represented” for the summons.

Later he confirmed that the trade union center wanted “the workers are formal” and that there is not “first and second class workers”when referring to the official project to transform social plans into real employment.

“It doesn’t matter where those workers are; in cooperatives, multinationals, national industries… We want formal workers.”highlights the leader after the CWP march against inflation, “price makers and speculation”.

Pablo Moyano’s request to Alberto Fernández about price controls

In his turn he then spoke Paul Moyanoanother of the co-secretaries heading the organization, who asked President Alberto Fernandez what “take the measures you have to take”what are they doing “to accompany”.

“Let those who mark the prices sit at the table. They can’t take it from the top because they take it from the top since the dictatorship. This may be the first march that we carry out, because if they continue to take away the plate of food from the Argentines, we are going to continue to mobilize “he highlighted.

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In addition, Moyano suggested that one of the measures that the national government can adopt is to control the payment of withholdings by the Campo.

“There are 5 million truck trips a year: 40% of the grain comes out black. This means that the country does not pay 33% of the withholdings, but rather 26%. And the scales, when the trucks enter the ports. of Rosario or any port in the country, do they belong to the grain companies and who controls them?”he asked himself.

In this sense, Moyano pointed out “The government, if it wants to collect dollars and if it wants to take a powerful measure, it will have to nationalize the scales that are in the ports.”.

Eventually, Carlos Acunaanother of the members of the triumvirate of the CMB, emphasized in the same vein that Casa Rosada adopts the measures that must be taken.

“The only one mobilizing is the CMB and we condemn the price tags. If they continue to raise prices, we will continue to mobilise.”he pointed.



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