“The club’s doors are open for Pulga Rodríguez; he is talented and does different things,” declared the president of Atlético Tucumán.

Luis Rodriguez You must define your future. On June 30 the contract of the “Flea” with Colon, so you can negotiate your arrival at another club with the pass in your possession. In this context, Athletic Tucuman appears on your horizon.

Mario Leito, president of the “Dean”, acknowledged that they will make him an offer. “The return of Flea Rodriguez it will depend on what he wants. The club’s doors are open. Tomorrow (on Monday) we are going to make a serious and formal offer to flea, so that he plays again in the club, “he acknowledged.

“The dream of everything Athletic Tucuman is that the flea play again with this shirt. He is a great player, he is talented and he does different things. But I have no doubts that he is one of the most beloved players in Argentine football, “he said. Bed in an interview with radio La Red. In this way, he confirmed with statements his publication on Twitter this Sunday morning in which he advised that he would make him an offer.

In another order, Bed told that Athletic Tucuman He is still waiting for a definition on that game with River in 2020 that was not played. “Hopefully in the short term it will be defined what is going to happen with the game with River. It cannot be that there is still no definition after a year and a half. We do not want to play with River. We went to play with River, and we do not play. It is up to them to give us the points. We have to apply the Regulations as appropriate, “completed the president of the Tucuman club.

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