The closure of borders leads Venezuelans to flee through illegal steps

The closure of land borders Due to the pandemic it has led Venezuelans to flee your country by trails – illegal border crossings, used mainly by criminals – or dangerous maritime routes, according to a report by the Organization of American States (OAS), which estimates that 5.4 million migrants and refugees have left Venezuela.

According to the “November 2020 Situation Report. Crisis of Venezuelan migrants and refugees”, published this Tuesday, this fact increases the “condition of vulnerability” of Venezuelan migrants, reports EFE.

“By now they would have returned to their country around 130,000 Venezuelans“, detailed the document, which attributes the decision of these people to” the difficulties imposed by the pandemic “

However, he indicated that as a result of the economic reopening in countries such as Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, the return has decreased and the outflow from Venezuela has been reactivated.

“Around 500 Venezuelans are entering Colombia through irregular roads daily,” the study notes, adding that some of the migrants travel accompanied by “one to three relatives.”

One of the cases that the Office of the OAS General Secretariat for the crisis of Venezuelan migrants and refugees drew attention to occurred on November 22, when a group of 29 Venezuelans, including 16 minors, was deported. Trinidad and Tobago, and subsequently He disappeared for 48 hours.

“This group of people was able to return to the island after a ruling by the Supreme Court of this country, as well as pronouncements by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights “the report added.

In this context, the OAS warned that “with the closure of the borders and the deepening of the crisis in Venezuela, it is becoming more and more frequent for Venezuelans to risk their lives desperately fleeing the sea in a smaller vessel that transports them to some island in the Caribbean. “

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The publication highlighted that there are 224,000 Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the Caribbean, and that 46,000 have been recognized as refugees in Brazil.

He also alluded to the measures adopted by the governments of Costa Rica and Peru to protect Venezuelan migrants.